Announcing… The New Bed, Alpha Pearl at Club Sun!

Club Sun Pearl Bed

Presenting our Newest UV Bed, the Alpha Pearl:

• Spa-Like Sunbed has 52 total bronzing lamps with 10,980 tanning watts of power

• High Pressure Facial Lamps – Adjustable facial lamps for your comfort and beautiful natural color

• PowerSpot High Pressure Shoulder and Neck Lamps – To tan every part of the neck and shoulders

• ColorMotion – Enjoy the stimulating display of colors

• P2 Lamps – Stimulating your deepest darkest color yet

• AAA Comfort – Air Conditioning for pleasant cooling

• Aqua Cool – A refreshing and revitalizing mist

• Aroma – Your heightened feeling of balance, harmony and well being

• Bluetooth Connectivity – Pair your personal music with our exceptional sunbed for a sound you can feel

• Your Personal Tanning Journey – Your Way: From the perfect tan for your skin type, to your music, aroma, ambiance and wellness selections

Let us show you pure luxury